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There is no charge for patients under 18 and and eligible for NHS treatment.

The exception to this for patients in treatment who loose or break their orthodontic appliances beyond repair and the appliance needs to be replaced. This comes under Regulation 11 of the NHS reulations and there is a NHS charge of £92 (April 2023) per appliance.


There are many advantages of private treatment here at the Suffolk Orthodontic Practice. Treatment is carried out using state of the art appliances most of which are not available for NHS patients. The treatment is carried out by experienced operators under the supervision of the orthodontist who is also the consultant at the local hospital. Additionally there is no restriction with availability of appointment times within the practice opening hours. The choice of interest free finance options also makes private orthodontic treatment now more affordable than ever and allows you to spread the cost of this treatment.

The price of your treatment is fully-inclusive and includes all your active treatment and one year’s post-treatment follow-up. The cost also includes two sets of retainers for the retention phase. The cost will vary according to the complexity of your case and the fees listed below provide a guide to the initial fee and options available to you.


Teenage Fees

Teenage fixed appliances (under 18)

Appliances available Full amount 5% discount
Fixed appliances metal


£2700 £2565
Fixed appliances Ceramic £3200 £3040


Fixed appliances metal

Total Payment in instalments Per month
£2700 1st payment of –

11 payments of –




Fixed appliances Ceramic

Total Payment in instalments Per month
£3200 1st payment of –

11 payments of –



*Records and treatment plan are required before proceeding with treatment £300


Adult Fees

Fixed Appliances 

Appliances available Full Amount 5% discount
Metal Single Arch £2900.00 £2755.00
Metal Fixed Appliances £3800.00 £3610.00
Adult Clear Appliance Treatment £4600 £4370. 00

A 5% discount is offered to patients interested in paying upfront, full payment must be paid before the appliances are fitted.


Interest free payment by monthly Standing order 

Appliances available Amount Payment in Installments Per month
Metal Single Arch £2900 1st payment of –

11 monthly payments of –



Metal Fixed Appliances £3800 1st payment of –

11 monthly payments of –



Adult Clear Appliance Treatment £4600  *


1st Payment of –

11 monthly payments of –

£1300 *




Appliance Full Amount 5% discount
Invisalign Full Braces £4950 £4702.50


Invisalign Moderate £3750.00 £3562.50
Invisalign Lite    

A 5% discount is offered to patients interested in option 2 ‘payment in full if paid before the appliances are fitted.


If paying by standing order an initial payment of £1900 is required for all Invisalign appliances.


Interest free monthly payment option

Appliance Amount outstanding Payment in installments
Invisalign Full  Braces £4950 £2890 Initial payment of

11 payments of



Invisalign Moderate £3750 £2075 Initial Payment of

11 payments of



Invisalign Lite £3000 £1655 Initial payment of

11 payments of



* An upfront lab fee of £1000 is payable, when paying by standing order.


Revised March 2022, Review March 2023


All aspects of orthodontics can be provided at Suffolk Orthodontics. The options available can be discussed at your first visit. Why not take advantage of our free consultation offer.

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