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Privacy & Data Policy

Do you want to know how we handle your information?

This Dental Practice is governed by English Common Law of Confidentiality, Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998, General Data Protection Regulation 2018, NHS Confidentiality Code of Conduct and the Caldicott principles. All of this is to ensure that the information you supply to us, will be kept private. We train all our staff on the importance of maintaining patient confidentiality at all times. They receive refresher courses on an annual basis. There are serious consequences for them if they talk to anybody about your dental treatment. When you come in for dental treatment we record your details which include demographic and medical details either on paper or computer. However access to these records is restricted. If the records are on computer a password is required to prevent unauthorised access. It also means that you are agreeing to us talking to any other healthcare professionals where necessary but these other professionals will also be bound by the rules of confidentiality. Any discussions with other healthcare professionals will occur in an area which cannot be overheard. Your details will be retained within the surgery until you change your dentist .As these new rules are being implemented, we all must take great care that we do not supply information to people who are not authorised to see it.

Other services

With all services that we provide e.g. NHS Dental treatment, oral hygiene, private work etc, your consent will be asked to perform the required work and store your information. It may be necessary to share information with other healthcare professionals. As above your information will be stored and accessed only on a need to know basis. However if at a later stage you decide that you want to withdraw your consent, you simply tell us and we will make the necessary adjustments.

Who has access?

Generally the only people who can see your information will be those members of staff who have to process your treatment. However on occasion audits and research have to be done to improve the services we and the NHS provide. Where possible the information supplied is anonymised (your identifiable details i.e. name and address are removed) and if it is not, you will be informed There are also times when it may be considered to be in the public interest that your details are disclosed e.g. if harm to a third party is possible or there is a suspected criminal offence.

Your Right To View the Record Under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 you have a right to see a copy of the information about you that we hold either in paper form or on the computer.


If you have any concerns about the information that we hold about you, who gets to see it, where it is kept and for how long please do not hesitate to ask to talk to Mr Ian Davies.

In accordance with the GDPR (in effect from May 2018), we will provide a copy of information for free. This information will be supplied within a month of receipt.

Revised May 2018 – Review May 2019


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